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Closer to EIRD Community – Meet Our Academic Committee Member, Dr. Shakir Ullah

Meet our scientific committee members
Since delivering outstanding speech on our Annual Conference back in 2019, Dr. Ullah was offered to join scientific committee at European Institute for Research and Development (EIRD).

“Participating at the annual conference and meeting those professionals from around the globe was one of the most memorable events I have ever been”.

Professor Shakir uLLAH

During the pandemic, he also presented a paper at EIRD’s virtual conference in mid-2021. Dr. Ullah has contributed to the institutional development of EIRD in several ways, including initiating a partnership with The American Institute of Islamic Studies (TAIIB). We look forward to a more fruitful collaboration with Dr. Ullah in the future.
Brief introduction – Professor Shakir Ullah:
Dr. Ullah holds a PhD degree in banking and finance from the University of Southampton, UK, and MBA in finance and strategic management from KDI School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea. He has published over twenty articles in top ranking journals including the Journal of Business Ethics, a Financial Times top 20 journal.
Dr. Ullah, as an experienced academic speaker, has been a Keynote Speaker and chair at multiple international conferences during the past year. The most recent activity under his direct supervision was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, at our 8th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Economics, Business, Engineering and Social Sciences. Besides co-organized academic conference, professor Ullah delivered his outstanding keynote speech and a joint research during a plenary session.
Dr. Ullah is working at a Faculty of Finance at the University of Louisiana Monroe (USA). He is also Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Maryland Global Campus (USA). Professor Shakir is a member of the AAOIFI Working Committee on Sustainable Financing under AAOIFI’s Governance and Ethics Board.
Besides above mentioned, he is the Doctoral Dissertation Chair at California Intercontinental University, USA. Earlier, he worked as Doctoral Dissertation Chair at Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
On a professional level, Dr. Ullah has worked as a Project Consultant with Microsoft, Walt Disney, Jaguar, Honda, just to name a few.
He is the Chairman of The American Institute of Islamic Business (TAIIB), USA, and Darewro Ride Delivery Services, Pakistan.

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