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Closer to EIRD Community – Meet Our Academic Committee Member, Dr. Erkan Erdil

Since delivering outstanding speech on our EIRD online panel conference back “Recent Challenges in Modern Science” in 2021, Dr. Erdil was offered to join scientific committee at European Institute for Research and Development (EIRD).

Brief introduction – Professor Erkan Erdil:
Dr. Erdil holds a PhD degree in Economics from the Middle East Technical University and Maastricht University. He is a Member of Board of Management of International Schumpeter Society (ISS) and also Member of Board of Management of METU Digital Transformation/ Industry4.0 Platform. His research area covers different actual topics including Labor Economics, Economics of Technology, Economics of Information & Uncertainty, Agricultural Economics, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics & Statistics.

Dr. Erdil is currently working on several international academic projects:

2020-   METU Digital Innovation Center- METU-DIC, EC-IPA Project

2020-   Emergence of Creative Industries and Transformation of Economy 
through Innovative Technologies: Games, Wearables and New Generation 
Film-making – ECITE, EC-IPA Project

2020-2021   The interplay between science and invention networks in 
knowledge cohesion: Evidence from European Regions, European Patent 
Office (EPO), Research Project.

2019-   H2020, SolarTwins, Solar Twinning to Create Solar Research 
Twins, H2020-WIDESPREAD-03-2018-TWINNING

2019    Resilience Building via Increased Livelihoods Opportunities and 
Strengthened Social Cohesion for Syrians and Host Communities, UNDP.

2019-   H2020, HORIZON-STE, Implementation of the Initiative for Global 
Leadership in Solar Thermal Electricity, H2020-LCSC3-JA-2-2018

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