September Webinar

Project name: Quadruple Helix Concept as base of the next generation PPP model.

Date and Time: 15 September, 2022 – 17:30 (EEST)

List of speakers:

Inga Uvarova – BA School of Business and Finance
“The Cooperation and the Shared Value Creation in the Circular Business”

Ilona Platonova – BA School of Business and Finance
“Design Thinking and Shared Value Creation”

Zane Rascevska – RISEBA University
“Collaboration for Creation of Value: Quadraple Helix Approach”

Tatjana Jukna – Riga Stradins University
“Legal Problematics of Repo Transactions With Securities and Possible Solution”

Liga Avena – Riga Stradins University
“The Legal Issues of the Quality in the Construction Contracts under the Public-private Partnership Framework”


Registration for the webinar is totally free. You will get zoom invitations few days before the event.